Future Sky Ltd.

Future Sky Limited is a govt. affiliated business platform that aims to support and develop rural entrepreneurship by bridging urban and rural business entities and enthusiasts, and thus bring economic sustainability for the country.


Future Sky Limited

Future Sky Limited (FSL), opening the windows of possibilities high as an open sky. Possibilities of entrepreneurship, possibilities beyond the limit! Now, it is time for the generation to receive and utilize the opportunities, and prepare for a sustainable development. This is the platform to exploit your enthusiasm, energize your endeavour, that will fetch for you, your long cherished future!

Our Brand


Launching in 2021 bebsha.com has already gained popularity for being a trustworthy business-to-business e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. Prior to bebsha.com b2b was not as popular in Bangladesh as it is now! We are grateful to our vendors, customers and all other stakeholders for believing in us and giving us the opportunity to serve at your doorstep.

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